The New Testament paints a picture of the church as "the Body of Christ," an organic structure in which every person has an important role to play in Jesus' ongoing work in the world. Each of us have been given gifts by God and are called to contribute these gifts to his mission. One way to do this (though not the only way!) is to join a team at MCC. We have a robust structure of volunteer teams that seeks to distribute the work of the church among many people, so that each person carries a small portion of the overall load.

Joining one of these teams is one of the best ways to get connected and make the church "yours," so we strongly encourage every attendee to move quickly toward finding a serving role that fits their personality, passion, and gifting. However, we also realize that there are those who, for a season, are unable to commit to service. Sometimes it's okay to just rest and receive from a church for a period of time, and there should be no guilt associated with that. But that should usually only be for a season, not the norm!

If you're not sure where you fit in, contact our volunteer coordinator to have a conversation. Any of our team leaders would be happy to have you "try out" a role without commitment, so see if it fits. Below is a chart of our structure, as well as descriptions for each team and sub-team.

MCC Team Structure Chart

MCC Team Structure Chart

Like most churches, Muskoka Community Church is incorporated as a legal entity (and registered as a charity) and as such is run by a Board of Directors. The non-staff members of the Leadership Team serve in this official function. However, from a practical standpoint we have adopted a structure where the ministry and leadership of the church is divided into several teams, as follows:

Leadership Team

These are spiritually mature men and women (including the pastor) who are tasked with the big picture spiritual and strategic leadership of the church. They deal with overall mission, vision, values, finances, staffing, policies and legal issues.

Ministry Team

This team is made up of the leaders of several sub-teams who meet together for mutual prayer and encouragement and to oversee and coordinate the day-to-day operations of the church. The leaders of the following teams form the ministry team, along with the pastor:

Communication Team

The Communication Team serves the whole church by ensuring that information is effectively conveyed to those who need it. They help people in our community become aware of MCC through effective advertising. They serve Ministry Teams and staff by strategizing and assisting with the promotion of their events through a variety of channels.

Community and Care Team

The Community and Care Team strives to facilitate meaningful relationships among MCC members, attendees and visitors. Included in this team are the areas of Sunday morning hospitality (coffee, tea, goodies), crisis care, practical assistance, welcoming and connecting newcomers, and social event planning.

Generosity and Service Team

The Generosity and Service Team facilitates practical expressions of Christ’s love to those in our community and around the world on behalf of MCC. They manage the Generosity Fund (benevolence & missions) and plan opportunities for community involvement, service projects and foreign missions.

Prayer Team

The prayer team gives intentional focus to praying for the church and its ministries, and to calling others toward (especially intercessory) prayer.

Discipleship Team

The Discipleship Team strategizes and provides a variety of environments for spiritual growth and increased obedience to Christ in all areas of life. They oversee our small group ministry and plan/promote retreats, seminars, mentoring, library resources and other opportunities to help people grow.

Sunday Service Team

The Sunday Service Team serves the church by planning and facilitating our worship gatherings and providing a comfortable environment that ushers people into God’s presence. This includes logistics, creative elements, A/V support, band, lighting and aesthetics.

AdentureLand Team

The AdventureLand Team seeks to accomplish the MCC mission, vision and values in ways that uniquely touch and reach those between nursery and Grade 5. They serve the kids, as well as parents/guardians by providing an exciting children’s program on Sunday mornings.

Youth Team

The Youth Team seeks to accomplish the MCC mission, vision and values in ways that uniquely touch and reach those between Grade 6 and age 20. They serve teens and parents by targeting the unique needs of this age group and connecting them with positive role models.

Facility Team

The Facility Team supports the other teams by ensuring that our facility is clean, safe and ready to use. This includes any maintenance issues, snow removal, working with outside users, cleaning, etc.

Business and Finance Team

The Business and Finance Team works closely with the Leadership Team to ensure that the financial, legal and business aspects of the church operate smoothly, without hindrance to ministry. They track and provide financial reports and information to assist in decision-making, and take care of hands-on business operations.