Outside of Sunday mornings we offer opportunities for adults to grow through:

  • Small groups that meet regularly to share life and spirituality (click here for a complete list)

  • Classes and seminars geared toward particular topics

  • Occasional women's and men's ministry events

However, we also believe that while young children need to "be fed," healthy adults ought to be able to "feed themselves." Therefore we encourage all of our members to take responsibility for their own journey with God by:

  • Regular devotional times of prayer and Bible reading

  • Taking retreats and practicing Sabbath

  • Reading Christian books and articles to learn more

  • Engaging in one-on-one relationships and mentorships with the goal of spiritual growth

Our mission at MCC is to help people experience God, follow Jesus, love each other, and serve the world. This four-quadrant framework can also be used to evaluate your own growth in the areas of spirituality, discipleship, community, and mission. The following graphics explain how we see our mission as a church and your growth as two sides of the same coin: