We are a relaxed, modern church for people at all points on their spiritual journey. We see ourselves as a spiritual family—young and old, women and men, rich and poor—brought together by our longing for God, our hope in Christ, and our shared mission to our community and beyond.

Our services are informal and upbeat, sermons are down-to-earth, and holier-than-thou attitudes are not allowed. Our beliefs and practices are rooted in the teachings of the Bible and the life of Jesus, but we welcome those from all backgrounds to journey with us and explore Christian spirituality in a safe, welcoming environment. Our programs for children and youth are aimed at age-specific spiritual growth and character development. 

Current Teaching Series

This fall we’re exploring what it means to be “disciples” (or apprentices) of Jesus in our everyday lives. Far from being something just for Sunday, or concerned with the afterlife, Christianity is first and foremost a way of life—one taught and practiced by Jesus himself. Living your best life means looking to him and learning from him in everything you do. We’ll look at many of his teachings over the course of nine weeks (until the end of November), on Sunday mornings and in small groups.


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