Soul Cleanse

1. Making Lent Count

Jeremy challenges us to use the season of Lent as a time to give extra attention to our spiritual lives, to identify and work at removing the things that compete with God in our lives. MCC Sunday Service, February 18, 2018

2. Soul Cleanse : Entitlement

Jeremy explores "entitlement": what it is, how it enters our lives, and why it's so poisonous to our souls.

3. Soul Cleanse: Doubt

MCC Sunday Service, March 4, 2018

4. Soul Cleanse: Apathy

Jeremy talks about how apathy can creep in and rob us of our passion.

5. Soul Cleanse: Busyness

Jeremy explores why busyness can be so toxic to our souls, and how to keep it from taking over.

6. Soul Cleanse: Forgiveness

Jeremy wraps up our Lent series with an exploration of forgiveness, and why it's so important.