Light of the World: John 18:1-27

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On Sunday Brad spoke about the prayer of Jesus found in chapter 17. He talked about how amazing it is to get a chance to listen in to Jesus's conversation with God. He discussed what we can learn about prayer, and about the way Jesus feels about us through this passage.


Opening Discussion:

The passage we are about to read is about Judas’ betrayal. Have you ever felt betrayed? How did you handle it?




Looking at Scripture:

Read John 18:1-11.


The word for a “contingent” of Roman soldiers generally indicated one tenth of a legion, and therefore about 600 men (though the number could vary). Why do you think the Jewish and Roman leaders thought it necessary to send so many people to arrest Jesus? For some insight, do a search for the word “arrest” in an online Bible and see how it has been used to this point in the Gospel of John. 







When Jesus answers those who have come to arrest him, he says simply “I am” (the NLT adds the word “he” for clarity). Jesus has used this “I am” phrase again and again throughout John’s gospel, as a clever way of acknowledging his divine nature (see Exodus 3:13-14 for the background). What do you think is the significance of the fact that the hundreds of people who had come to arrest him fell back when he pronounced those words? 







Jesus stops Peter (and the other disciples) from defending him for two reasons: first, he wants to ensure they escape safely, and second, he says, “Shall I not drink from the cupof suffering the Father has given me?” What had Jesus just gone through that brought him to that point of confidence? (Read Mathew 26:36-46)





Commentators have often pointed out that Jesus’ ultimate “yes” to God in accepting the cup he had been given takes place in a garden. How does this compare with the very first “garden” story we find in Genesis 3?








Read Romans 5:12-19for Paul’s reflection on what happened in the two gardens. How does this passage give greater insight into what happened when Jesus was obedient to God?








ReadJohn 18:12-27. Does anything further stand out to you in the last part of the passage?









Personal Application

How do you think you would have responded if you were in Peter’s situation? Would you have acknowledged Jesus or denied him? 








When you think of your own experiences of betrayal, how does it help to know that Jesus went through a similar situation?