Light of the World - John 10:1-42

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On Sunday we looked at the healing of the man who was born blind. This passage challenged us to think about our own reaction to Jesus—whether, like the religious people, we refused to believe/see, like the parents, we sit on the fence out of fear, or like the blind man, we respond in obedience, faith, and worship. Today’s passage is a famous speech of Jesus gives in the context immediately following the healing.



Opening Discussion:

If you were to describe yourself as an animal, what would it be and why?






Looking at Scripture:

Read John 10:1-16.


Jesus describes a relationship between a shepherd (himself) and his sheep (his followers). List the characteristics of each from the passage.


Sheep                                                                          Shepherd








Who is Jesus talking about in v. 16? Why is this significant for us today?








Who do you think the “thief” is in the analogy? What about the “hired hand”? The wolf?







Think about Jesus’ words in the context of the healing of the blind man that has just happened in chapter 9. In that story, who has listened to Jesus? Who have acted more like thieves/wolves? Who have run away like hired hands? Does reflecting on it in context change any of your previous answers? 




Read John 10:17-42.John continues to build the tension surrounding Jesus and his identity, and helps us understand that Jesus knew where he was headed (meaning, the cross wasn’t some unfortunate or unforeseen accident). 


Discuss any insights or questions you might have from this latter part of the passage.








Personal Application

Two thousand years later, we are still included in Jesus’ shepherd-sheep analogy. Review the lists that describe the role/characteristics of the shepherd and the sheep. With these in mind:


1.    How have you seen Jesus fulfill his role as the Good Shepherd in your life?




2.    How are you doing at fulfilling your role as one of his sheep?




3.    Can you think of any other “sheep” passages from the Bible that might describe your own life?



Just for fun, take a look at “Do sheep only obey their Master's voice?” on YouTube. It gives a great visual of what we’ve been talking about.