Light of the World: John 5:16-47

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This Sunday, Jeremy shared the healing of the disabled man by the pool, pointing out the parallels to the way that God works in our lives on a spiritual level. Now we’ll look at the conversation that took place (more of a monologue, really) with the religious leaders immediately afterward.


Opening Discussion:

If Jesus were to have come to 21stcentury Muskoka (instead of 1stcentury Palestine), how do you think people would have reacted to him?






Looking at Scripture:

Read John 5:16-30.


Why is Jesus giving this speech? What is he responding to (see vv. 9-15)? 




Make a list of Jesus’ claims about himself in this passage. Which ones do you think would have been considered blasphemous (or borderline) by those who were listening to him?







In one sentence, sum up what you think Jesus is trying to get across here.





Take a moment to glance over John’s prologue (John 1:1-18). How are the themes that he introduces in his opening section taking shape in this passage? 






How are Jesus’ words in vv. 25-26 a description of what had just happened with the disabled man by the pool?


Read John 5:31-47.


What are the different things Jesus points to as evidence (witnesses) that his ministry is valid?





How does Jesus explain the fact that people don’t believe in him?





How does Jesus criticize their use of the Bible? Do you think there are any parallels in our lives and churches today?





Personal Application

In the same way that Jesus was trying to explain himself to the Jewish leaders who were criticizing him, John is trying to convey something to his readers as he writes this. What do you think there is for us to learn from these passages:


-      About Jesus and how we can relate to him in our lives today?





-      About ourselves, and how we can live as disciples (imitators) of Jesus?





-      About the way people react to Christianity in our society?





-      About anything else?