Responding to the Message

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On Sunday we looked at the story of Lydia, one of the first converts to the Christian faith at Macedonia. In Acts 16 it says that “the Lord opened her heart to respond to Paul’s message,” at which point she was baptized (along with other members of her household). We talked about God’s power at work in conversion, and how sometimes we mistakenly think faith is a matter of the mind rather than the heart. Jeremy also invited anyone interested in baptism to let him know so they can be part of a baptism class to be held this summer (with a baptism being held in late summer/early fall).


Opening Discussion:

Can you relate to the phrase “the Lord opened her heart”? Is there a time in your life when you felt that God “opened” your heart to something? 






If you’re comfortable sharing, describe how you first became a Christian.






Looking at Scripture:

Read Romans 10:1-15.


What observations or questions do you have about this passage?








The passage begins with Paul expressing his desire to see his own people (the Jews) “saved.” What does it mean to be saved? How do people understand this word in our culture today?








The passage lists two requirements to be saved: confess with your mouth and believe in your heart. Why do you think Paul highlights these as two of the most important aspects of putting one’s faith in Christ? Are there any other things (based on other passages of Scripture) that you would say are necessary part of becoming a Christian?









What do you think it means to believe with your “heart” rather than in your “mind”?










Personal Application

The passage talks about the “beautiful feet” of those who bring good news. Who brought the good news to you? Take time to thank God for them today. Maybe you could even send them a note of thanks.







According to the Bible, baptism is an important step in the life of a believer. Whether you’ve been a Christian for many years, or you have recently opened your heart to Jesus, contact Jeremy ( about getting baptized later this summer and joining our pre-baptism classes.