Divine Infancy: Growing Slowly

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By coming as a baby, God submitted himself to the natural processes for growth he had designed. We see this in his kingdom, which comes not all at once or in huge and dramatic miracles, but gradually and patiently. We too should learn to submit to the processes of growth God has designed for our lives, patiently allowing him to do his work. And we should show this same patience to those around us.


Opening Discussion:

On Sunday Jeremy spoke about the idea that Jesus grew - mentally, physically, spiritually, relationally. He even posed the more challenging idea that “God grew” in these ways. Discuss how this notion makes you feel? What about it is encouraging to you? What about it is challenging? 








Looking at Scripture:

Read 2 Peter 3:3-9.


What can we learn about God and his Kingdom from this passage? Why does Peter say God is taking so long?

How might this passage change the way we live our daily lives?



What does it mean for us to have patience with God’s timing and speed? 



Read 2 Peter 3:10-15. How does Peter explain his reason for writing about the end of the world?







What is one way you have seen God at work in the world around you that has taken a long time to come about? 






On Sunday Jeremy spoke about being patient with yourself, allowing time for God to grow you and make you mature. In what ways do you see God at work to develop you?






Where are you struggling to be patient? With God? With yourself? With a situation in your life? With another person? 


Pray with each other for the things that God is growing and developing in you, the places where you need more patience, and thank God for the good things that God has brought about in time.