Divine Infancy: The Kingdom With Us and Among Us

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On Sunday we explored the idea that, by coming as a baby, God situated himself in human history, in a particular family, people, geography, and web of relationships. We see his kingdom working the same way, not as something “out there,” but “among us.” He is always at work, before we even get there. His work is accomplished all around us, through others, through many. We too need to learn to see God at work not just “out there” or “someday,” but in our everyday lives, wherever we go and whatever we’re doing.


Opening Discussion:

On Sunday Peter spoke about the idea that Jesus was born into a unique situation and a unique web of relationships just as we all are. Share a glimpse of the situations and relationships that you were born into. Share some of the most positive and the most difficult. 







Looking at Scripture:

Read John 1: 1-14.



How does this passage describe Jesus (described as “the Word” in this passage) before he came to earth?







 What kinds of things would have to happen in order for “the Word” to become flesh? 







In the passage we read that the world did not recognize or receive Jesus? What does this mean? How do we participate in not recognizing or receiving Jesus? 












The fact that the omnipresent God who brings life to all somehow “became flesh”, and put himself into the tiny, vulnerable, physical form of a baby is a miracle that goes beyond our comprehension. But the fact that he lived “among us” as one of us not only led to our salvation at the cross, it also declared human existence to be somehow “okay”—even holy! 


What is your reaction to this idea that human existence is in some way sacred? Do you believe it to be true?






If this is true what implications does this have for the way we live our lives? 






As you think about your life right now, where do you see God at work “among us” (in your own web of relationships, culture, and situation)? Where do you find it harder to see him? 






Is there anything you think God might be calling you to do in your life right now? Share it with your group and have them pray with you about it.