A Growing Church

1. Prayer and Preparation

April 8, 2018 - MCC Sunday Service

2. The Wind of the Spirit

Jeremy talks about the coming of the Holy Spirit on the Day of Pentecost, and how it might have been understood by the Jewish disciples of Jesus based on the stories and teachings of the Old Testament (their Bible).

3. Staying Small

Jeremy talks about the challenges of growing larger as a church and how the early church faced them. As we grow, we too need to move into homes and smaller groups in order to experience "koinonia"--the sense of partnership and belonging that is so important to a church community.

4. Signs and Wonders

Jeremy talks about the role of miracles and healing in the early church, and discusses whether there is still room for those things to happen in our church, today.

5. Becoming Bold

Boldness was important to the early church, and should be important to churches today. But what does boldness look like in a 21st century Canada? Jeremy shares out of Acts 4.

6. Shepherds of the Flock

Jeremy talks about the changing role of the pastor (or elder) in the life of the church, and shares from his own experience.